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Vegan Promotional Sweets


Candy Can XS, label

Cool Card®


Cool Card® compostable

Dextrose Sugar

Energy Card

Express Cool Card®

Express Sweet

Express Sweet Box Midi

Flat Box, Doming

Flat Box, print

Flowpack Sweet

Fortune Cookie

Heart Sweet

Hinged Box, embossing

Hinged Box, laser engraving

Hinged Box, print


Lisa's Crisps

Lolly Box

Manner Double Pack

Manner Original

Mini Bag of Apple Cubes


Paper Can Eco Midi


Paper Can Eco Mini


Paper Can Fresh Midi


Paper Can Fresh Mini

Peppermint Bar


Peppermint Bar sugar-free


PowerBar Natural Energy Bar

Premium Tea


Promotion Card Fruit Snack

Promotion Card Heart Sweet

Promotion Card Manner Single

Promotion Card Midi Meßmer Tea

Quick Box


Quick Box XS

Sliding Tin

Slim Box

Slim Box Mini

Snack Midi Bag


Snack Roll, label

Snack Tetrahedron Peanuts

Snack Tetrahedron Trail Mix


Square Tin

Stand-Up Box Cherry Hearts

Sugar Stick

Sugar-free Sweet in White Wrapper

Sweet Box Maxi

Sweet Box Midi

Sweet Compact

Sweet in White Wrapper filled

Sweet in White Wrapper unfilled

Sweet Jar Mini, Doming

Sweet Jar Mini, label

Top Can®

Top Can® Midi

Vegan Jelly Bears Mini Bag

You want to give vegan promotional items to your customers? We offer a large range of vegan promotional items - as promotional gifts for your customers and for the sake of animal welfare! The vegan promotional items are free from animal content. You can choose between our varied selection of different vegan promotional items. In addition to the delicious flavours, shapes, colours and different varieties of sweets, you have the option of creating a completely individual promotional item. Simply have your logo printed on the packaging of the vegan promotional items and place your special advertising message in the foreground of the packaging for the promotional item. Whether it's a box, a bag or a thin card, the packaging for the vegan promotional items is your chance to attract attention. You can surprise your customers, your business partners and your target group - at trade fairs and at other events - with the logo on the packaging for the promotional items. Have a targeted advertising message printed on the promotional items and be remembered by the customer or the trade fair visitor. This is easily achieved with our delicious vegan promotional items. And, in addition to the special and unique advertising on the promotional item, all the advertising media from the category ""vegan promotional items"" are made without animal content so that you can satisfy the tastes of your customers and your target group. Delicious promotional items individually printed with your logo and advertising slogan, and completely vegan.