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Promotional Occasions

Perfect for all occasions: Effective promotional gifts for your promotional objectives! Delicious promotional items are an optimal advertising medium with a practically unlimited range of uses. At events, trade fairs and conferences, a personal gift facilitates good contacts and discussions. During a sales representative visit, it acts as a gesture to win the favour of your business partners; when products are delivered, it serves as a nice thank you that people will remember with pleasure. Participants of training courses and seminars take pleasure in little moments of indulgence. At the PoS, during campaigns to promote sales, to mark anniversaries and at customer events, a tasty promotional gift provides you with equally effective assistance with maintaining customer loyalty and gaining new customers. With extraordinary promotional products and a creative promotional message, you can use seasonal occasions, public holidays or major sporting events to attract attention to your company. In direct marketing, the right promotional item acts as a mailing booster and guarantees that your mailing meets with a positive reception. The list of suitable occasions is endless. However, the following is already clear: a selected edible promotional gift with an extraordinary design is often the best choice for successfully communicating your promotional message and leaving a lasting impression. In any event, a promotional item that appeals to your target groups’ love of pleasure, and thus to their emotions, is better and generates more advertising impact than conventional promotional products such as pens, USB sticks or other 08/15 promotional items. Sweet, fruity, refreshing, crunchy or salty – high-quality treats arouse feelings of happiness. Anyone who is given them is pleased to accept them and has positive memories of the giver, i.e. your company. We offer you a unique selection of perfect promotional items with a top brand quality. Here, you will find the right promotional product for every taste. The selection of attention-grabbing packaging solutions is just as varied and we attach great value to sustainable packaging. The customised design of the promotional items, in texts and images, plays a major role. We provide the greatest possible freedom for your creative ideas. We print your promotional items with your logo and your brand design in all colours, in accordance with your requirements and with a high print quality. Whatever occasion you would like to use for the successful promotion of your company: we have the perfect advertising medium for your success.