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Sustainable Sweets

Advent Calendar House

Advent Calendar Truck

Advertising Medium Mentos Mini

Advertising Medium Miniatures Mix

Advertising Medium Ritter SPORT Chocolate Cubes

Advertising Medium Toblerone


Bread Crisps Midi Bag


Cheese Crisps Midi Bag

Classic Desk Advent Calendar

Classic Wall Advent Calendar, individual design

Classic Wall Advent Calendar, Standard design

Design Chocolate

Design Wall Advent Calendar


Easter Tin Team


Express Promotion Card Team Jelly Bears

Exquisit Advent Calendar Miniatures Mix

Friedel Santa Claus


Hitschies Chewy Candy Mix Mini Bag


Lisa's Crisps


M+M's Chocolate Mini Bag

Mini Bar Advent Calendar Lindt

Mini Bar Advent Calendar Ritter SPORT

Mini Bar Advent Calendar Sarotti

Mini Chocolate Ball Advent Calendar

Muesli Cup


Paper Can Eco Maxi


Paper Can Eco Midi


Paper Can Eco Mini


Paper Can Fresh Midi


Paper Can Fresh Mini


Pizza Snack Midi Bag

Promotion Card Santa Claus

Round Advent Calendar


share Organic Chocolate


Skittles Fruits Mini Bag

Square Advent Calendar

Stand-Up Box Cherry Hearts

Stand-Up Box Mulled Wine Hearts


Sugar Reduced Jelly Bear Mini Bag

System Advent Calendar, standard shape

Tower Advent Calendar

Tower Advent Calendar with Mini Chocolate Balls

XS Advent Calendar Brandt

XS Advent Calendar M+M's

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important topic in the area of promotional product industry as well. We have developed our assortment of products true to our motto ""thinking of tomorrow today"" and we pay special attention making sustainable choices. Our comprehensive assortment of sustainable promotional products deliver a diverse range of creative, individually-printable advertising messages. By taking advantage of our varied and sustainable advertising items, you can also impress customers through your sustainable and environmentally friendly approach. You are guaranteed to find exactly the right item for your advertising campaign from our diverse range of sustainable promotional items, which can all be individually printed, while also doing something good for the world! For example, we offer chocolate made of Fairtrade ingredients bought from small farmers at stable prices and with long-term trade agreements. By consciously opting for UTZ certified chocolate, we also support the sustainable cultivation of cacao. At Jung, we also place great value on sustainable packaging solutions. Our assortment includes compostable external foil, 98 % recyclable tin foil, 100 % recyclable plastics and products made of 100 % cardboard. These are sustainable, individually-printed promotional items that are sure to sustainably excite customers and make a lasting impression!