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Hectic, stress and short deadlines: you can get express promotional sweets from us quickly and easily. Even in stressful moments, you can easily press a promotional item into the hands of your customers, business partners and potential new customers. The express promotional sweets make this possible! You will receive the express promotional sweets of your choice within three days. And the range of express promotional items is large: chocolate, candies or jelly bears - there is something to suit the taste of every customer. The promotional items have different flavours and are thus suitable for the palate of any sweet lover. The special feature of our promotional items is that you can print the express promotional items with the logo of your individual company and place a unique advertising message on the packaging of the promotional gifts. When you print your individual design on the express promotional sweets, you are discreetly placing your customised advertising in the foreground and drawing your target group's attention to it. At a trade fair, a customer appointment or another business event, you will score points with the customised promotional sweets. And don't get stressed about the promotional items, as our express promotional sweets are faster than other promotional gifts. Start by printing the products, place your logo on the promotional item and design the packaging for the promotional item with your advertising message. Simply order the products online and give your customers, business partners and target group a treat.