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Sugar-free Promotional Sweets


Express Hinged Box

Flat Box, print

Hinged Box, print

Mentos Sixpack

Peppermint Bar sugar-free

Quick Box

Quick Box XS

Sliding Tin

Square Tin

Top Can®

Top Can® Midi

Right on trend: promotional sweets without sugar! Conscious nutrition and enjoyment don't have to be mutually exclusive, and ""sweet"" doesn't automatically have to mean ""sugar"" - as our growing range of sugar-free promotional products proves. Here you'll find a diverse range of promotional products to appeal to the growing target groups who want to reduce their sugar consumption but don't want to give up tasty sweets. We take advantage of this trend by offering you a wide range of sugar-free sweets. Our range offers an attractive and growing selection of sugar-free promotional products: Fruity delicious gummy bears, fruit gums and candies in sugar-free variants as well as sugar-free breath-fresh peppermint pastilles, dragées made from peppermint, peppermint tablets and, of course, chewing gum. We also offer you well-known brand products in the sugar-free range. Our high-quality sugar-free promotional products are available in different packaging forms, which you can design and print individually. Regardless of whether you choose one of the elegant metal cans, sliding lid cans or bags for the design of your advertising message: each packaging offers a large printing area for brilliant advertising printing in all the printing colors required for your brand design. Sugar-free promotional greetings are guaranteed to be well received and your customers, new customers and business partners can enjoy your promotional gift with a good feeling and a clear conscience. That's how you leave a lasting positive impression.