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Sugar-free Promotional Sweets

Cool Card®


Cool Card® compostable

Express Cool Card®

Flat Box, Doming

Flat Box, print

Hinged Box, embossing

Hinged Box, laser engraving

Hinged Box, Mentos Gum

Hinged Box, print

Mentos Sixpack


Peppermint Bar sugar-free

Quick Box


Quick Box XS

Sliding Tin


Square Tin

Sugar-free Sweet in White Wrapper

Top Can®

Top Can® Midi

Also in the advertising media industry, target groups for whom conscious consumption is important are increasingly focussing on using sugar-free giveaways. We support this trend by offering a wide range of refreshing sugar-free filling options. This ensures a consciously-enjoyed freshness kick. Our product range offers plenty of variety, from sugar-free chewing gum and sugar-free sweets to sugar-free peppermint pastilles that are perfectly suited for targeted advertising measures. In addition to the sugar-free enjoyment, the eye-catching sugar-free promotional items convince with a brilliant, individual digital print. Thus sugar-free promotional greetings are guaranteed to go down well and leave a lasting impression.