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Companies considering promotional gifts often pay particular attention to the quality of the product and not just the possibilities of design and minimum run. A lot of giveaways, particular in the confectionery sector, are customised brands like Toblerone, Jelly Beans or Ritter SPORT. When it comes to chocolate, people go for Ritter SPORT or Toblerone, choose Mentos when they are looking for chewing gum, Bahlsen for advent calendars and the popular products by Trolli when it comes to fruit jelly. Manufacturers often stock these giveaways exclusively. Printed sweets that are in fact popular brands like Toblerone, Jelly Beans or Ritter SPORT have certain advantages. The recipient knows the product, appreciates the top quality and can assume that the promotional gifts they have received taste just as they expect them to. The advertising company is bound to get noticed with printed sweets that are well-known brands and is trusted in advance as only brands can ensure. The advertising company is also able to benefit from the consistently high quality of its giveaways as variations in taste hardly ever occur with brands. Another advantage: brand manufacturers advertise their products extensively so recipients of promotional gifts are already familiar with the products and enjoy the creative packaging to boot. Printed sweets are perfect wherever you want to use them: at the P.O.S., at events, for sales reps, at reception. There is no end to the possibilities and every marketing mix should have at least one powerful brand like Toblerone, Jelly Beans or Ritter SPORT in its midst.