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Promotional items with the power of strong brands! If you want to use promotional gifts successfully, it is not only aspects such as design possibilities, prices or the minimum circulation that count. The quality of the product plays a major role for edible promotional items in particular. When you use promotional items with products from well-known and popular brands, it is clear that established brand quality is a guarantee of high-quality ingredients and a delicious taste. That is also the perception of your target groups. At JUNG, we therefore consistently opt for branded items throughout our product range, from promotional items to exclusive promotional gifts. These include well-known brands that stand for premium quality in the area of chocolate, e.g. Ritter SPORT or Lindt Sprüngli. For chewing gum, we primarily use branded promotional items from the market leader Mentos; for Advent calendars, brand manufacturers such as Bahlsen or Gubor; for fruit jellies, the popular products from the trend band Trolli; or for snacks, Ültje, Pittjes and Roland, amongst others. Using these and other branded products with a strong image for your promotional gifts will secure you a major advantage: with branded promotional items, you will instantly gain the confidence of your target groups. The recipients of your promotional gifts are familiar with the quality of the branded products and can assume that the promotional gifts taste as expected for products from this manufacturer. The quality of your promotional gifts sends a clear signal of the appreciation that you have for your customers, business partners and potential new customers. Therefore, the recipients of your promotional items are much more pleased to receive branded products than no-name promotional items. And it is precisely these positive emotions that are important for the success of your advertising. Another benefit for you is that the brand manufacturer promotes its branded products intensively to make them widely known. When they are printed with your logo, you will benefit from the brand image of the products for your company and you will secure a high degree of attractiveness. Therefore, quality awareness in the use of promotional items pays off for your company and your promotional objectives.