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Promotional Energy + Vitamins

Cereal Bar Multigrain Apple

Corny Cereal Bar

Corny Nut Bar

Dextrose Sugar

Energy Card

Mini Bag of Apple Cubes

Muesli Cup

Paper Can Fresh Midi

Paper Can Fresh Mini

PowerBar Natural Energy Bar

PowerBar Protein Nut2 Bar

PowerBar Protein Plus Bar

Sweet in White Wrapper filled

Sweet in White Wrapper unfilled

Vitamin Jelly Gums Mini Bag

Vitamin Jelly Gums Tetrahedron

Energy and vitamins: The range of promotional products with power for your goals! Pack your advertising message in energy bars and mueslis, fruity apple cubes or sweets that are enriched with valuable vitamins. With these high-quality promotional items, you give your target groups power for everyday life - and give your advertising success a fresh energy kick. The tasty promotional items contain all the valuable vitamins for your energetic advertising. Sweet, sour or fruity, the flavor selection of our promotional items with vitamins is also huge. You are guaranteed to meet the tastes of your customers, business partners or potential new customers and meet the trend towards conscious nutrition. In order to achieve your optimal advertising effect, we offer you very special extras in the packaging and the design options. Environmentally friendly packaging solutions that match the quality and message of the products will also fully convince the climate enthusiasts in your target groups. For example, you can make a special impression with our sustainable muesli cup made from biodegradable, regenerative resources. You can easily and quickly have all vitamin promotional items printed with your logo and designed with your unique advertising message. With these unusual promotional items in the trend of the time you surprise your target groups positively, win sympathy and distance the competition.