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Promotional Mints

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Peppermint promotional items: The kick of freshness for good relationships! Peppermint pastilles, lozenges and sweets or chewing gum with a mint flavour provide an invigorating kick of freshness in all situations. This makes this promotional item a favourite for your customers, potential new customers, partners and business associates. As a promotional gift for your target groups, our promotional items with the unique peppermint flavour are a successful surprise all year round. Perfect for any occasion and any promotional objective. As a mailing booster and as a promotional item or giveaway at the PoS, at events or during sales promotion campaigns. They are also perfect for use at trade fairs as any visitor is thankful for a little refreshment amid the hustle and bustle there. We offer a wide variety of peppermint articles with a popular brand quality. We also offer sugar-free and vegan versions as diet-conscious target groups also like cool gifts. You can have any promotional item from our wide range of peppermint products printed and designed according to your requirements. Draw attention to your brand or your products with your logo, cool slogans and a creative visual design. The packaging ideas for our peppermint pastilles etc. are also particular varied in terms of their shapes, colours and formats. The slim format of the peppermint pastille box or the chewing gum tin fits into any handbag or trouser pocket, for example. Elegant metal cans with various finishing effects are also available. In all the packaging, we pay attention to sustainable solutions. No limits are imposed on your creativity when printing your promotional message on the packaging. You can print sleeves, flat boxes or tins according to your requirements and design them in your brand look. Promotional gifts with peppermint freshness are always a popular, appropriate giveaway, which you can use to secure the best possible relationships with the target groups that are important to you.