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Promotional Lollies

Lolly Box

Great lollies for a long-lasting advertising impact! Lollies as promotional items? Yes, of course! And not just for children. Adults also enjoy lollies as the sweet on a stick is a nostalgic reminder of childhood, and who wouldn’t like to be a child now and then in their stressful daily life. Therefore, surprise your customers, business partners and potential customers with delicious lollies as a promotional gift. You are guaranteed to get much more attention with these than with the customary promotional items. A sweet lolly with a logo printed on it as an advertising medium at trade fairs and other events means variety for your target groups. And as the German term ""Dauerlutscher"" implies, a lolly provides long-lasting pleasure, which means that your promotional gift also has a lasting impact. In addition: the lollies in our product range are no ordinary lollies, but have the well-known brand quality of the international market leader Chupa Chups. So that the brand can also have an effect, the lolly retains the original Chupa Chups packaging. Of course, you still have the opportunity to place your logo and your customised promotional message – a particularly attention-grabbing one. We have thought of a very special packaging solution for this and are therefore offering you a promotional item with unique promotional labelling. simply print on the promotional box that contains the lollies. Here, you can have your company logo printed and place a creative promotional message in text and images. In accordance with your requirements. Great lollies are available in the popular fruity flavours apple, orange, cherry and strawberry. This delicious selection of lollies in the promotional box is guaranteed to contain the right one for your customers.