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Promotional Jelly Gums


Basic Bärchen Minitüte 7g

Express Jelly Bears

Express Promotion Card Team Jelly Bears

Fruit Juice Jelly Bears Mini Bag, 10 g

Fruit Juice Jelly Bears Mini Bag, 15 g

Fruit Juice Jelly Bears Tetrahedron

Jelly Bears Mini Bag 7 g

Jelly Gum Single "Danke"

Jelly Gums Maxi Bag, standard shapes

Jelly Gums Mini Bag 10 g, special shapes

Jelly Gums Mini Bag 10 g, standard shapes

Jelly Gums Mini Bag 15 g, Special shapes

Jelly Gums Mini Bag 15 g, standard shapes

Jelly Gums Tetrahedron, standard shapes

Promotion Card Midi Jelly Gums Mini Bag

Promotion Card Team Jelly Bears

Skittles Fruits Mini Bag

Team Jelly Bears

Vegan Jelly Bears Mini Bag

Vitamin Jelly Gums Mini Bag

Vitamin Jelly Gums Tetrahedron

The great variety of fruit jellies for highly effective advertising! Fruit jellies are promotional items with guaranteed impact because they appeal to deep-rooted feelings in your target groups. Humans have been evolutionarily influenced by the taste combination of fruity and sweet, which is already evident in babies. So it's no wonder that hardly anyone can resist the temptation to snack on the colourful jelly bears. That's why you can use fruit jelly as an advertising medium to delight young and old alike. We offer you a wide variety of fruit jellies in high-quality, well-known and popular brand quality, with a high fruit juice content in many shapes and individual special shapes. And we are constantly expanding our range. You'll find classic gummy bears, vegan and vitamin-rich fruit gums, fruit juice bears and many other fruit gum treats for your advertising - and thus exactly the right promotional product for every advertising objective and every occasion. Use promotional fruit gums as an inexpensive giveaway at events, promotional campaigns, for sales contacts, at trade fairs or as a promotional item to enhance mailings. Give your regular customers, new customers, partners and business associates welcome moments of enjoyment in everyday life with gummy bears & co. and you will gain sympathy for you and your brand. There is also a wide range of packaging options for this delicious promotional product, which you can use specifically for your advertising. You have unlimited possibilities for individual printing with your logo and advertising message. With creative ideas and our solutions, you leave the competition behind and strengthen your brand in the long term. You convey individuality, uniqueness and customer orientation, values with which you score points with your target groups. The success of a promotional product depends on it being desirable for the target groups and on you being able to convey your brand message in the best possible way. Our gummy bears and fruit gum sweets meet these requirements perfectly. And so, true to the motto - Taste your brand. - you can give your brand its own taste.