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Promotional Chocolates

Advertising Medium Miniatures Mix


Advertising Medium Ritter SPORT Chocolate Cubes

Advertising Medium Toblerone

Chocolate Cookie


Cupholder Box

Design Chocolate

Easter Box

Easter Sixpack Classic

Gift Box

Lindt Mini Pralinés


Pick Up Choco

Premium Box, Ritter SPORT


Promotion Card Chocolate Heart


Promotion Card Lindt HELLO Mini Emoti


Promotion Card Midi Lindt Heart


Promotion Card Midi Lindt HELLO Mini Stick


Promotion Card Midi Pick Up Mini Choco


Promotion Card Midi Ritter SPORT Mini


Promotion Card Ritter SPORT Chocolate Bites

Promotional Greeting


Ritter SPORT 100 g Promotional Case

Ritter SPORT 100 g with promotional banderole

Ritter SPORT Mini

Square Chocolate bar


Stand-Up Box Lindt Christmas


Stand-Up Box Ritter SPORT Chocolate Bites


Sweet Box Mars/Snickers

Toblerone Bar

Pure enjoyment with the perfect promotional effect: tasty promotional chocolate will make your mouth water. By giving promotional chocolate with your logo printed individually, you will not just make people want more but also arouse great interest in your promotional message. Who wouldn't be tempted with something sweet between meals? The perfect choice: our promotional chocolate Ritter SPORT Minis that can simply be printed individually with your promotional message and logo. Or perhaps something more subtle? Promotional chocolate - Neapolitans - may be small but they have a major promotional impact on your target group. Whether with a cup of coffee or as a small snack - your promotional message is bound to get noticed with the individually printed promotional chocolate. But maybe you would prefer something extravagant? The ideal article in this case is the Ritter SPORT 100g bar in a Premium-Box featuring your logo as the perfect giveaway. It is not just the wonderful promotional chocolate featuring your logo that will be remembered but also the individually printed, elaborately flock-finished or elegantly embossed Premium-Box which can be used afterwards for a whole range of purposes. For summiteers, in fact for everyone: enjoy the taste of fine Swiss chocolate with promotional chocolate from Toblerone. Use the perfect giveaway from Toblerone at congresses or fairs and discover the whole range of possibilities: as a name tag or a welcome message for your guests on the individually printed wrapper. Find the perfect expression to your promotional ideas with promotional chocolate and wrap your customers around your finger with individually printable promotional chocolate - enough to make your heart melt.