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Promotional Chocolates

Advertising Medium Ritter SPORT Chocolate Cubes

Advertising Medium Toblerone

Bus Present

Chocolate Bar sugar reduced

Design Chocolate

Easter Box

Easter Box Maxi

Easter Sixpack Classic

Easter Sixpack Lindt

Express Chocolate

Express Promotion Card Ritter SPORT

Ferrero Rocher Single

Ferrero Rocher Threes

Gift Box

Giotto Threes

Hanuta Mini

Hinged Box, print

House Present

Kinder Surprise

Lindt Mini Pralinés

M+M's Chocolate Mini Bag


Paper Can Eco Midi

Paper Can Eco Mini

Paper Can Fresh Midi

Paper Can Fresh Mini

Pick Up Choco

Premium Box, Ritter SPORT

Promotion Card Chocolate Heart

Promotion Card Lindt HELLO Mini Emoti

Promotion Card Midi Hanuta Mini

Promotion Card Midi Lindt HELLO Mini Stick

Promotion Card Midi Pick Up Mini Choco

Promotion Card Midi Ritter SPORT Mini

Promotion Card Ritter SPORT Chocolate Bites


Rettergut Chocolate

Ritter SPORT 100 g with promotional banderole

Ritter SPORT Mini


share Organic Chocolate

Sliding Tin

Slim Box

Slim Box Mini

Square Chocolate bar

Square Tin

Stand-Up Box Lindt Christmas

Stand-Up Box Lindt Easter

Stand-Up Box Ritter SPORT Chocolate Bites

Toblerone Bar

Treasure Chest

Truck Present

Van Present

Chocolate gifts make customers happy! Happy customers are good customers for your company - and very easy to achieve. In our large chocolate product range, you will find promotional items that will guarantee your success. Even the smell of chocolate instantly triggers positive emotions, and the matchless enjoyment of melt-in-your-mouth, deliciously sweet and aromatic chocolate causes the reward centre in the brain to run at full speed. Connect this experience of pleasure with your logo - the best way of making customers stay loyal to your brand or for gaining new customers. Use our wide variety of products, packaging and ideas for your promotional objectives. All our chocolate products, from the smallest promotional mini bar or a chocolate bar to exclusive pralines, provide a brand quality that your target groups know and appreciate. For our chocolate promotional items, we rely on top brands that pay attention to a fair, controlled cultivation. This enables you to take the consumer’s increasing sensitisation to sustainable and responsible consumption into account. Our chocolate treats, designed with your logo and your brand look, convey your promotional message straight to the hearts of your business partners, customers or new customers. This appeal to the emotions is what makes chocolate so uniquely successful as a promotional item. Our packaging solutions allow you every freedom to create design with a logo, images and text. Take advantage of this opportunity for your promotional objectives. There are enough suitable occasions for this: during a sales representative visit, as a giveaway at events and during campaigns, as a gift for celebrations or simply as a little surprise gift in the course of everyday life. It is always worth it for you to make your customers happy.