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Promotional Chewing Gums

Goal Wall Shooting Box

Hinged Box, Mentos Gum

Mentos Sixpack

Top Can®

Top Can® Midi

Promotional chewing gum as a surprising promotional gift for your customers? Surely everybody likes chewing gum. It is the ultimate refreshing experience in everyday life. Give your customers, business partners or target group a treat in their daily lives with promotional gifts from the category ""promotional chewing gum"". We offer a wide range of promotional chewing gums which impress with a variety of flavours from fruit to mint. Aside from the fresh taste of the chewing gum, the promotional chewing gum also scores points with its packaging. You have free choice regarding the packaging for the promotional chewing gum. Place your company logo on the front of a box or a tin of chewing gum to attract attention. You can simply have your company's logo printed on the promotional item of your choice from the category ""promotional chewing gum"". You also have the option of placing your individual advertising slogan, i.e. your advertising message, on the packaging for the promotional chewing gum. You can have a special advertising message printed on the promotional chewing gum quickly and easily, including the printing of your company logo. Customised promotional item with a fresh experience: who doesn't look forward to a refreshing taste sensation during a trade fair or an event? The logo-printed promotional chewing gum gives a fresh kick to your individual advertising and helps you to win over your customers and your target group at trade fairs and other events.