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Promotional Boxes


Candy Can XS, label

Express Sweet Box Midi

Flat Box, Doming

Flat Box, print

Hinged Box, embossing

Hinged Box, laser engraving

Hinged Box, Mentos chewy candy

Hinged Box, Mentos Gum

Hinged Box, print

Premium Box, Ritter SPORT

Quick Box


Quick Box XS

Sliding Tin


Square Tin

Sweet Box Maxi

Sweet Box Midi

Individual promotional boxes featuring your logo are the perfect giveaway whatever the occasion. Our range of promotional boxes in various shapes and sizes are the perfect messenger for your advertising. Whether peppermint, chocolate or sweets - we've got the right contents to suit every taste! A wonderfully refreshing giveaway is the stylish promotional boxes Flat-Box filled with peppermints that not only fits in every handbag but is absolutely appealing thanks to its unusual shape. Featuring a design to suit your requirements and your logo, the promotional boxes is a totally individual and special giveaway. If you are more into fruits, you might like the promotional boxes Midi-Sweet-Box filled with fruit mixture pieces - the ideal advertising medium for your promotional messages. You can choose the contents of this printed promotional box to suit your requirements. Try out the doming effect for that special look and feel. The fascinating 3D effect coupled with its elegant look ensures an unmistakable appearance. This is how even the smallest promotional boxes can make a big impact! You like chocolate? Then our popular Premium-Box filled with Ritter SPORT chocolate is just the thing for you! The custom box can be refined with flocking or embossing - the perfect idea that will give your promotional message that certain something! The coloured Starmint-Boxes will grab people's attention at first glance. The compact branded box is available in a range of colours and will catch your target group's eye immediately. With individual embossing, you lend the Starmint-Box more elegance and thus make a lasting impression!