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FSC certified packaging

- FSC® -

Advent Calendar House

Advent Calendar Truck

Advertising Medium Mentos Mini

Advertising Medium Ritter SPORT Chocolate Cubes

Advertising Medium Toblerone

Bus Present

Classic Desk Advent Calendar

Classic Wall Advent Calendar, individual design

Easter Box Maxi

Express Promotion Card Ritter SPORT

Express Promotion Card Team Jelly Bears

Ferrero Rocher Threes

Friedel Santa Claus

Gift Box

Gingerbread Advent Wreath

Gingerbread House

Gingerbread Selection

Goal Wall Shooting Box

House Present

Klett Easter Bunny

Lindt Santa Claus 40 g

Manner Original

Mentos Sixpack

Mini Bar Advent Calendar Lindt

Mini Bar Advent Calendar Ritter SPORT

Mini Bar Advent Calendar Sarotti

Mini Chocolate Ball Advent Calendar

Pick Up Choco

Promotion Card Chocolate Heart

Promotion Card Easter Bunny

Promotion Card Lindt HELLO Mini Emoti

Promotion Card Mentos Chewy Candy Single

Promotion Card Midi Hanuta Mini

Promotion Card Midi Jelly Gums Mini Bag

Promotion Card Midi Lindt HELLO Mini Stick

Promotion Card Midi Meßmer Tea

Promotion Card Midi Pick Up Mini Choco

Promotion Card Midi Ritter SPORT Mini

Promotion Card Ritter SPORT Chocolate Bites

Promotion Card Santa Claus

Promotion Card Team Jelly Bears

Ritter SPORT 100 g with promotional banderole

Round Advent Calendar


share Organic Chocolate

Stollen Mini

Toblerone Bar

Tower Advent Calendar

Treasure Chest

Truck Present

Van Present

XS Advent Calendar Brandt

XS Advent Calendar M+M's

Promotional items made of FSC®-certified paper? They are available from JUNG! Sustainable packaging that not only conveys punchy promotional messages, but is also kind to the environment is becoming increasingly important in the world of promotional items. Sustainable promotional items are particularly significant for your target group as they perfectly reflect the sustainable responsibility of your company. This enables you to boost the image of your company for the long term. The FSC system is so well-respected and important because it guarantees the sustainable protection of the forest resources as well as fair, safe and responsible production conditions for the people. So seize the opportunity and give away environmentally friendly giveaways. Whether it is an Advent calendar with delicious branded products, promotional gifts with delicious chocolate or baked articles, there is guaranteed to be something for your target group. Of course, no limits are imposed on your individual design freedom for an appropriate promotional message with a unique promotional greeting.