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compostable packaging


Advent Calendar House


Advent Calendar Truck

Advertising Medium Mentos Mini

Advertising Medium Ritter SPORT Chocolate Cubes

Advertising Medium Toblerone

Cereal Cup

Classic Desk Advent Calendar

Classic Wall Advent Calendar, individual design

Design Chocolate

Express Jelly Bears

Express Promotion Card Team Jelly Bears

Fruit Juice Jelly Bears Mini Bag, 10 g

Fruit Juice Jelly Bears Mini Bag, 15 g

Fruit Juice Jelly Bears Tetrahedron

Jelly Bears Mini Bag 7 g

Jelly Gum Single "Danke"

Jelly Gums Mini Bag 10 g, special shapes

Jelly Gums Mini Bag 10 g, standard shapes

Jelly Gums Mini Bag 15 g, Special shapes

Mini Bag Jelly Beans

Mini Bar Advent Calendar Lindt

Mini Bar Advent Calendar Ritter SPORT

Mini Bar Advent Calendar Sarotti

Mini Chocolate Ball Advent Calendar


Paper Can Eco Maxi

Paper Can Eco Midi

Paper Can Eco Midi Christmas

Paper Can Eco Mini

Paper Can Eco Mini Christmas

Promotion Card Chocolate Heart

Promotion Card Midi Jelly Gums Mini Bag

Promotion Card Team Jelly Bears

Round Advent Calendar

Skittles Fruits Mini Bag

Slim Box

Slim Box Mini

Snack Midi Bag

Square Advent Calendar

Sweet in White Wrapper filled

Sweet in White Wrapper unfilled

Team Jelly Bears

Tower Advent Calendar

Tower Advent Calendar with Mini Chocolate Balls

Vegan Jelly Bears Mini Bag

Vitamin Jelly Gums Mini Bag

XS Advent Calendar Brandt

XS Advent Calendar M+M's

Compostable packaging is playing an increasingly important role in the advertising industry. We rely on innovative packaging that optimally supports your advertising goals and is as environmentally friendly as possible. We use biodegradable films made from renewable raw materials, which even serve as fertiliser after use. Of course, our promotional products with compostable film can be printed individually and protect the contents for your customers. In our product range, we pay special attention to sustainable product selection and now also use compostable inlays for our Advent calendars. These are made of paper-based, petroleum-free material and are completely decomposed by natural microorganisms in the environment. This sustainable Advent surprise will not only please your customers, but also the entire animal and plant world. In our diverse selection of sustainable promotional products that can be printed individually, you are guaranteed to find exactly the right thing for every promotion - and do something good at the same time! Whether it's fruit gums in compostable foil, sweets in a compostable wrapper, biodegradable paper packaging, chocolate or biscuits in a compostable mini bag, there's guaranteed to be something for everyone! But we don't just think along with our promotional ideas, we also use bubble cushions made from organic bubble wrap when shipping our delicious promotional products. This is made from 100% renewable raw materials and is 100% biodegradable. Get your sustainable, individually printable promotional items today that will inspire and be remembered for a long time to come! Taste your brand.