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Easter Box


Easter Box Maxi

Easter Sixpack Classic

Easter Sixpack Lindt

Easter Tin


Easter Tin Team

Jelly Gum Single, Standard shapes


Kinder Chocolate Easter Bunny Maxi


Kinder Chocolate Easter Bunny Mini


Kinder Surprise

Klett Easter Bunny

Lindt Mini Pralinés

Promotion Card Easter Bunny


Stand-Up Box Lindt Easter

Easter is a great time to advertise with promotional Easter giveaway: add some colour to your advertising with our colourful promotional Easter giveaway articles. Grab everyone's attention with the unique promotional article Easter giveaway Six-Pack featuring individual printing: filled with six tasty and colourful chocolate Easter eggs - a must-have for all Easter egg lovers as an promotional Easter giveaway! Alternatively use the ever popular chocolate Easter bunny, individually printed, for your promotional message. With the promotional Easter giveaway article Lindt Easter bunny printed individually with your logo, packed in a box or transparent cushion packaging, you will cleverly appeal to your target group. You are looking for a sustainable promotional Easter giveaway article individually printed? Then the Premium Box filled with six small Easter bunnies is just the thing for you as an promotional Easter giveaway. Whether printed, embossed or flock-finished individually - you are spoilt for choice! A further promotional Easter giveaway article is, for example, individually printed jelly gum. You can choose between a single jelly gum or a mini-bag with a standard shape Easter bunny. One thing is certain: it's not going to be boring over Easter.