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Christmas is a time for giving. Start thinking about the preparations for the magical Christmas season now and give Christmas gifts to others! Our Christmas promotional items make it easy for you to surprise your employees, customers and business partners in the Christmas season. It is also worth printing advertising media with your company logo at Christmas. With individual printing and your company logo, you can discreetly put your advertising on Christmas gifts, such as an Advent calendar, providing you with the perfect promotional item. The more customised your promotional Christmas gifts are, the more you will impress your customers, employees and business partners. And you must also include a unique advertising message on the Christmas promotional items: place your individual advertising message on the packaging for the promotional items to attract your target group's attention.It is not only that advertising message that you have printed on the promotional items that provides an excellent surprise in the cold season before Christmas: the promotional gifts are delicious and there are no limits to the flavours for sweet lovers. Our selection of promotional items for the Christmas season includes sweet chocolate, Christmas spices in a delicious cake or crunchy biscuits. And we have a huge range of promotional Christmas gifts: as well as Advent calendars for the run-up to Christmas, you can give your target group, customers, employees and business partners pleasure with delicious biscuits that are suitable for Christmas. What is better than shining eyes at Christmas? Bring a smile to the faces of your customers and employees this year and give them customised promotional items featuring your company logo as Christmas gifts. The promotional items are perfect for the sweet-lovers amongst your customers, business partners or employees. Instead of a simple Christmas card from your company, with a logo that is hardly visible or even without an advertising message, you can impress everyone this year with delicious promotional gifts.