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Exhibition Giveaways

Corny Cereal Bar

Easter Box

Fruit Juice Jelly Bears Mini Bag, 10 g

Fruit Juice Jelly Bears Tetrahedron

Jelly Bears Mini Bag 7 g

Ritter SPORT Mini

Toblerone Bar

Here, you will find giveaways that enhance your trade fair success! Even in the online age, face-to-face conversations still provide an important foundation for good business relationships. The perfect occasion for this is trade fairs and events that provide an opportunity for interaction and face-to-face contact. And promotional gifts provide the perfect support at trade fairs and events as they enable you to maintain the friendship of your business partners and customers and to gain potential new customers for your company. For this, you can make use of our wide variety of items. Our product range includes a large selection of attention-grabbing and extraordinary promotional items, all of which can be individually printed. From an inexpensive giveaway to an exclusive promotional gift. Our promotional items with top brand quality are always a treat that secures the positive attention of your target groups for you. This starts with the provisions for your trade fair stand or your appearance at the event. For a feel-good atmosphere, provide visitors with coffee or tea – and don’t forget to have sugar sticks that are printed with your logo. And every time you make an important contact, take the opportunity to say thank you with a friendly gesture, i.e. with a delicious promotional gift. Give your business partners sweet treats such as sweets, chocolate and fruit jelly gums, vitamin-rich promotional items, refreshing items with peppermint or savoury snacks as a giveaway. This enables you to surprise your business partners, make them happy and show your appreciation and attention, which is viewed particularly positively in the hustle and bustle of a trade fair or an event – your customers and new customers will also remember this with pleasure later. Our range of delightful promotional items provides you with plenty of high-quality items that can be individually printed. Choose one of our many extraordinary packaging options for this. You will enjoy the maximum possible creative freedom when printing any promotional item with your logo and when designing your promotional message. A unique promotional message that profiles your company is particularly important at trade fairs so that your promotional items stand out from the competition. Therefore, we are constantly optimising and extending our product range of promotional items as we want you to leave a lasting impression.