Jelly Gum Single "Danke"

Individually packed standard design fruit gum, in premium quality, 10% fruit content, 12 g

4-c Euroscale
Product description:
Trolli fruit jelly gums "Danke" in a white or transparent foil, compostable option, climate neutral, individually printed
Single packed "Danke" Trolli fruit jelly gum in premium quality with 10 % fruit content, 12 g
Customised colours/flavours available in quantities of 50.000 or more on request
Minimum order:
From 1.500 pieces
Shelf life:
12 months
Compostable foil: 6 months
Approx. 45 x 120 mm
Request for advertising space dimensions as imposition layout
Delivery packing:
Cartons containing 250 pieces
7 cartons per shipping carton = 1.750 pcs.
Max. 10 shipping cartons per DPD parcel service
Max. 90 cartons per pallet; special packing on request
Ex works
Delivery time:
Approx. 15 working days after approval of the printing copies ready to dispatch