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Promotional Hearts

Heart Sweet

Jelly Gums Maxi Bag, standard shapes

Jelly Gums Mini Bag 10 g, standard shapes

Jelly Gums Mini Bag 15 g, standard shapes

Jelly Gums Tetrahedron, standard shapes

Promotion Card Chocolate Heart

Promotional gifts with heart are always well received! The most effective promotional products are promotional gifts that go to the heart, i.e. promotional products with which you address your target groups emotionally. You will have lasting success if you succeed in awakening positive feelings and associating them with your logo. The emotions are transferred to your company and your brand and form a strong bond with your target groups. Our 'promotional items with heart' are ideal for this. This is a special range that offers a large selection of attractive promotional products in the shape of hearts. The shape is also the message that everyone understands immediately. After all, the heart is one of the best-known, oldest and strongest symbols, and no one can escape its emotional effect. Because the concise shape is recognised in a fraction of a second, it has an immediate effect on our feelings even before we can begin to think about it consciously. The associations that are subliminally triggered with the heart shape are precisely the values that promotional gifts are supposed to convey: Attention, friendship, bonding, trust and appreciation. All this happens in a flash and without any words. You can support this strong effect with an individually designed, personal advertising message that is printed on the packaging together with your logo. Use our wide range of promotional heart products for many occasions where you want to create or strengthen a particularly warm relationship. Choose delicious chocolate or fruit jelly hearts or sweet heart sweets from our wide range. All products are of well-known brand quality - another confidence-building factor when it comes to promotional products. The various types of packaging, such as tins, bags, gift boxes or our unique promotional card, can be customised to your wishes. Besides your logo, there is always enough space for a heartfelt message to your business partners, customers or the new customers you want to win over for your company. Give your brand a taste - Taste your brand.