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Promotional Hearts

Gift Box

Heart Sweet

Jelly Gums Maxi Bag, standard shapes

Jelly Gums Mini Bag 10 g, standard shapes

Jelly Gums Mini Bag 15 g, standard shapes

Jelly Gums Tetrahedron, standard shapes


Paper Can Eco Midi

Promotion Card Chocolate Heart

Promotion Card Midi Lindt Heart

Stand-Up Box Cherry Hearts

Sweet Box Maxi

Affectionate promotional gifts for your customers? This is achieved with the promotional items from the category ""heart-shaped promotional items"". From a large selection of products, you can choose the right heart-shaped promotional item as a promotional gift for your business partners, customers or target group. Win over your target group with an affectionate advertising message: with sweets in the shape of a heart or heart-shaped chocolate bars, we offer a wide range of heart-shaped promotional items. And what customer or business partner does not enjoy being given a delicious promotional gift on a long day at a trade fair or after a stressful event? Sweet treats as advertising media surprise everyone, regardless of the sector. Delicious chocolate with your coffee in the morning or fruity sweets as a snack are popular at any workplace. But it is not only with the delicious taste that you can win over your target group and give your customers and business partners a treat: it is very easy for you to have the promotional items printed with your own logo. As well as printing your logo on the promotional items, you also have the option of having a unique advertising message printed. You can simply have the advertising message printed on the packaging for the heart-shaped promotional items, ensuring that you leave a lasting impression in people's minds. After all, a delicious heart-shaped promotional item with your own logo and an individual advertising message will attract attention in passing.