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Mailing Items

Dextrose Sugar

Energy Card

Flat Box, print

Fruit Juice Jelly Bears Mini Bag, 10 g

Fruit Juice Jelly Bears Mini Bag, 15 g

Fruit Juice Jelly Bears Tetrahedron

Jelly Gum Single "Danke"

Jelly Gums Maxi Bag, standard shapes

Jelly Gums Mini Bag 10 g, special shapes

Jelly Gums Mini Bag 10 g, standard shapes

Jelly Gums Mini Bag 15 g, Special shapes

Jelly Gums Mini Bag 15 g, standard shapes

Premium Tea

Promotion Card Chocolate Heart

Promotion Card Mentos Chewy Candy Single

Promotion Card Midi Fruit Stripes

Promotion Card Midi Jelly Gums Mini Bag

promotion card midi Just Spices

Promotion Card Midi Lindt HELLO Mini Stick

Promotion Card Midi Meßmer Tea

Promotion Card Midi Pick Up Mini Choco

Promotion Card Midi Ritter SPORT Mini

Promotion Card Midi Zebra Bar Mini

Promotion Card Ritter SPORT Chocolate Bites

Promotion Card Team Jelly Bears

Slim Box

Slim Box Mini

Team Jelly Bears

Vegan Jelly Bears Mini Bag

Vitamin Jelly Gums Mini Bag

Direct marketing in the form of mailings is ideal for a variety of advertising purposes. As advertising for new products, seasonal offers, promotions or events. For customer loyalty as well as for addressing new customers. The advantages of mailings are their wide reach and low wastage. You reach exactly the target groups you want to address and place your advertising directly in the personal environment of your customers and prospects. What does a mailing have to offer so that your advertising message attracts attention and positive feelings? And how do you increase the advertising impact and response? You'll find the answer in our range of promotional products in the mailing items section. Discover promotional sweets and snacks that will ensure your mailing has an impact. Your customers and potential customers receive a lot of promotional mailings and decide within seconds whether to throw them away or open them. Simple advertising letters have a hard time. It's better to use tasteful promotional items so that your mail is guaranteed to be opened. Because even from the outside, your addressees feel that there is more to your promotional mailing, which creates excitement and anticipation. That's why promotional items are also considered effective mailing boosters. Of course, the article must meet the expectations of the target groups. What promotional item would be better suited for this than delicious promotional sweets and snacks in premium brand quality. Promotional gifts to enjoy ensure the success of your mailing. In our range of tasty mailing items you will find a diverse selection of articles that you can customise with your logo and advertising message. With our innovative promotional products and sustainable packaging, there are no limits to your creativity. Combine your logo with an eye-catching, appealing advertising message that sets your offer apart from the competition and underlines your brand image. In addition, you can give your brand a taste according to the motto Taste your brand. As experts in effective advertising with tasteful promotional products, we offer you special mailing items that meet all the requirements for mailing use. Ideal for mailing with low postage costs, yet noticeable from the outside through the envelope. All items are suitable for logo printing and your individual design. With our articles you can enhance your mailing, win the sympathy of your customers and increase your response guaranteed!