Truck Present

A truck can’t load that much! - Yes it can, our individually printed truck can do more! Thanks to various filling options and strong brands like mentos, Ritter SPORT, Miniatures Mix or Lorenz, it can bring your advertising to the customer in a reliable and unforgettable way.

4-c Euroscale
Product description:
Truck packaging made from white cardboard with various filling options, individually printed
Mentos chewy candy single in the flavours mint, 36,5 g; mini chocolate bars Mars, Snickers, Bounty and Twix, mixed, 85 g; Ritter SPORT Chocolate Bites, mixed, 62 g; cheese chips with standard design, 10 g; Lorenz peanuts in crispy coating, 40 g; Lorenz nut-fruit mix with chocolate espresso beans, 40 g or Lorenz nut-fruit mix with cranberries or yoghurt pops, 40 g
Minimum order:
From 266 pieces
Shelf life:
Mentos: 12 months
Miniatures Mix: 3 months
Ritter Sport: 6 months
Cheese Chips: 4 months
Lorenz nut-fruit mix: 2 months
Nic Nac's: 4 months
Approx. 150 x 80 x 53 mm
Request for advertising space dimensions as imposition layout
Delivery packing:
Cartons containing 38 pieces
4 cartons per each shipping carton = 152 pcs.
Max. 4 shipping cartons per DPD parcel service
Max.48 cartons per each pallet; Special packing on request
Ex works
Delivery time:
Approx. 20 working days after approval of the printing copies ready to dispatch