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Promotional Candies

Advertising Medium Mentos Mini

Candy Bag

Candy Bag Christmas

Flowpack Sweet

Heart Sweet

Hinged Box, print

Lolly Box

Mini Bag Jelly Beans

Mulled Wine Heart Sweet

Paper Can Eco Midi

Paper Can Eco Midi Christmas

Paper Can Eco Mini

Paper Can Eco Mini Christmas

Promotion Card Mentos Chewy Candy Single

Promotion Card Midi Fruit Stripes

Quick Box

Quick Box XS

Skittles Fruits Mini Bag

Sliding Tin

Slim Box

Slim Box Mini

Square Tin

Sweet Box Fresh

Sweet Box Midi

Sweet in White Wrapper filled

Sweet in White Wrapper unfilled

Sweet Jar Mini, Doming

Sweet Jar Mini, label

Advertise emotionally with delicious sweets! Promotional sweets are an indispensable classic in the world of promotional products that prove their strengths time and again. With your logo printed on it, the small promotional gift becomes a great ambassador for your advertising. We all know and love the sweet pleasure in our mouths from an early age, so you can awaken positive feelings in your target groups, which they will associate with your logo and thus transfer to your company. We offer you a uniquely colourful range of promotional sweets in many different flavours and shapes, including chewy and fizzy sweets, fruit-filled varieties and vegan or sugar-free sweets alternatives for the trend towards conscious nutrition. All products are quality Made in Germany. In addition, there are unusual packaging ideas with different boxes, candy jars, bags or our special promotional card. This gives you endless possibilities to print and design your promotional sweets individually according to your wishes. With your logo and a creative advertising idea, you can convey your advertising message effectively and with lasting success. The variety of advertising possibilities with promotional sweets is practically unlimited, but success is guaranteed in any case. Use the sweets, for example, at trade fairs, events or sales promotions, as giveaways or mailing boosters, to maintain relationships with longstanding business partners and customers or as promotional items for potential new customers. We regularly expand our wide range of sweets so that you will always find a large selection and interesting new products. This includes innovative, environmentally friendly packaging solutions and new ways to print your promotional products. Choose products from the inventor of promotional sweets and benefit from our experience and wide range of products. We live by the motto Taste your brand.