Jelly Gums Mini Bag 15 g, Special shapes

Promotion in a special shape: Tasty Trolli fruit jelly gum in special shapes according to the customer’s requirements. We use your idea to customise your jelly bears into special shapes, e.g. your logo or trademark. Packaged in a mini bag made of white or transparent compostable foil that can be individually printed, there is no longer anything standing in the way of your creative promotional campaign. It impresses with its climate-neutral production.

4-c Euroscale
Product description:
Trolli fruit jelly gums with a special shape in a bag, white or transparent foil, compostable option, climate neutral, individually printed
Premium quality Trolli fruit jelly gums with special shapes with 10 % fruit content, colourful mixture (green, red, orange, yellow), 15 g
Fruit jelly gum size: max. 20 x 20 mm
Customised shapes with exquisite fruit juice quality available on request
Minimum order:
From 23.100 pieces
Shelf life:
12 months, compostable foil: 6 months
Approx. 84 x 70 mm
Ask for advertising space dimensions as imposition layout
Delivery packing:
Cartons containing 350 pieces
4 cartons per shipping carton = 1.400 pcs.
Max. 10 Shipping cartons per DPD parcel service
Max. 44 cartons per pallet; special packing on request
Ex works
Delivery time:
Approx. 6-8 weeks after approval of the printing copies and the shape