Exquisite Fruit Juice Quality Mini Bag, 10 g

Fruity promotional greetings: The mini bag contains the colourful mixture of Exquisit Trolli jelly bears in fruit juice quality with 30 % fruit content. The white or transparent mini bag can be individually printed in accordance with customer wishes. This way, creative promotional messages are strengthened, and a lasting impression is left with the target group.

1-4-colour flexo printing
4-c digital printing
Product description:
Trolli jelly bears in a white or transparent foil bag, individually printed
Trolli fruit juice jelly bears with 30 % fruit content, colourful mixture, 10 g
Minimum order:
1-4-colour flexo printing: from 25.200 pieces
4-c digital printing: from 1.800 pieces
Shelf life:
12 months
Approx. 84 x 70 mm
Ask for advertising space dimensions as imposition layout
Delivery packing:
Cartons containing 450 pieces
Ex works
Delivery time:
Approx. 15 working days after approval of the printing copies ready to dispatch