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Sustainable … in words and deeds

Social responsibility and a strong sense of environmental awareness are essential. We are convinced that these fundamental pre-requisites are the key to the long-term success of our company. And that is why our actions consider the future of our company, our customers and a society that is characterised by sustainability.

In addition to the responsible consumption of natural resources, we use our very own electric company car for our business trips and daily errands. Along with using compostable foils, we also take another important step towards sustainability with our biodegradable to-go cups made of quick-regenerating and renewable resources. Sustainable development and orientation also play an important role when selecting the suppliers and brands we work with. For example, many items in our assortment bear the Fairtrade or UTZ seals, thereby supporting sustainable cocoa production.
When printing our catalogues, we also make use of FSC-certified paper as well as climate-neutral production methods, contributing to the preservation of native forests.

Social engagement

After the campaign was so positively received during the past Christmas season, we have decided to once again run a charity fundraiser this year in favour of the Albert Schweitzer Children's Village in Waldenburg.

Up to seven children are taken in by and live with a village family (traumatised children who have suffered abuse and were separated from their parents). Here they live with children’s village parents and their biological children. All families live in their own house, cook, and support themselves independently. The children’s village families design their everyday life individually. Through the intensive time spent together, they develop a familial bond and relationship which gives the children stability and security.

Since the high social standards and sustainability put into practice have impressed us so much, we will be donating part of the proceeds from every Classic Wall Advent Calendar sold to the Albert Schweitzer Children's Village.


Bio certification
The Bio certification is awarded to products which are produced and processed, imported and traded in accordance with EU guidelines for organic farming. The Bio certification stands for organic production and animal welfare.


Fairtrade – The certification for fair trade
The Fairtrade certification stands for fairly cultivated and traded products. Small farmers are offered stable prices as well as long-term trade relations. Furthermore, the standards include criteria on democratic organisational structures, environmental protection, and safe working conditions.


FSC quality
Our catalogue is printed in line witz FSC quality standards.
An FSC label on wood and wood products ensures that people
and the environment are being treated fairly and responsibly.


UTZ is a programme and label that represents sustainable coffee, cocoa, hazelnut, and tea cultivation. The programme contributes to a better treatment of farmers, workers and their families, and the environment.


Compostable foils
We use foils that are made of biodegradable materials and are compostable. These products can be identified by this logo.


CO2-minimising catalogue production
Our catalogue is climate neutral and supports the
preservation of native forests.