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Sustainability and social responsibility

For us, corporate success is inextricably linked to social and sustainable responsibility. We are committed to helping shape the social environment and fostering sustainable progress.

Thus, all Advent calendars are 100% climate neutral and the greenhouse gas emissions are offset by the investment in a climate protection project. In addition to the responsible consumption of natural resources, we use our very own electric company car for our business trips and daily errands. By taking advantage of green electricity, we are also making personal contribution to the energy revolution. Through our years of existing cooperation with various workshops helping people with disabilities, we take the issue of social responsibility very seriously. We support people with disabilities by helping them to integrate into daily work and empowering them to experience structure in life. One particularly special point: we also incorporate these individuals in our own production spaces and in various work flows. Additionally, we regularly provide donations to food banks and play our part in doing something about the ever-increasing amount of wasted food, thereby helping those who depend on the goodwill of others.

Social engagement
After realising just how well our donation campaign for the Albert Schweitzer Children’s Village in Waldenburg was received this past Christmas season, we have decided to continue this campaign and expand it. In addition to every classic wall advent calendar we sell, we will also donate part of its proceeds to the Albert-Schweitzer Children’s Village for every Advent Calendar 100 % Cardboard.

Up to seven children are taken in by and live with a village family (traumatised children who have suffered abuse and were separated from their parents). Here they live with children’s village parents and their biological children. All families live in their own house, cook, and support themselves independently. The children’s village families design their everyday life individually. Through the intensive time spent together, they develop a familial bond and relationship which gives the children stability and security.

Cooperation with people
with disabilities

For many years now, in cooperation
with sheltered workshops,
we have been supporting people
with disabilities' integration
into daily working life.

Donations to the Tafel
With regular donations to the Tafel,
we actively combat ever-increasing
food wastage and, at the same time,
help those in need.

Green electricity
By purchasing green electricity,
we contribute to the energy transition
and, in so doing, save approx.
667,000 kg of CO2 per year
when compared to the
German electricity mix.

Electric car
Apart from the careful use
of natural resources, we use
company-own electric cars
and are working on establishing
an electric fleet.


Our Advent Calendars are 100 % climate-neutral!

As an environmentally conscious company, sustainability is very important to us. Thus we decided to cooperate with ClimatePartner and to make our advent calendars climate-neutral. We compensate for all greenhouse gas emissions caused by the products we produce by investing in a climate protection project. Therefore, all advent calendar orders placed with us are climate-neutral and marked with the "climate-neutral" label. You can find more information on our climate neutrality and the positive effects of the supported project on the climate, the environment and society at


The Principle of climate-neutrality

Companies, processes and products, whose CO2 emissions are calculated and compensated for supporting internationally-recognised climate protection projects are classified as climate-neutral. Additionally, avoiding and reducing CO2 emissions, as well as compensation for CO2 emissions is another important step in the holistic approach to climate protection. Greenhouse gases such as CO2 are distributed evenly in the atmosphere. Hence, the concentration of greenhouse gases is more or less equal all over the world. Thus, the impact on the greenhouse effect is the same, no matter where the greenhouse gas concentrations are, or where the emissions are caused or avoided. Because of this, emissions that cannot be avoided locally can be compensated for by climate protection projects at a different location.


UTZ is a programme and label
that represents sustainable coffee,
cocoa, hazelnut, and tea cultivation.
The programme contributes to a
better treatment of farmers, workers
and their families, and the

Fairtrade –
The certification for fair trade

The Fairtrade certification stands for
fairly cultivated and traded products.
Small farmers are offered stable prices
as well as long-term trade relations.
Furthermore, the standards include
criteria on democratic organisational
structures, environmental protection,
and safe working conditions.

Bio certification
The Bio certification is awarded to
products which are produced and
processed, imported and traded in
accordance with EU guidelines for
organic farming. The Bio certification
stands for organic production and
animal welfare.

FSC® quality
Our catalogue is printed in line
with FSC® quality standards.
An FSC® label on wood and wood
products ensures that people and
the environment are being treated
fairly and responsibly.


Compostable foils
We use foils that are made of biodegradable materials
and are compostable. These products can be identified
by this logo.

Plastic 100 % recyclable
The deep-drawn components used in our advent calendar
are made from 100 % recyclable plastic.

Our Cacao
Ritter SPORT exclusively sources
certified sustainable cocoa.


CO2-reduced production
Our advent calendars and catalogues are produced
100 % climate-neutral and support a climate-protection
project in South-East Zambia.

Tins are 98 % recyclable
Our Christmas Tin and Premium Box are made of tin plate
and are 98 % recyclable.