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Marketing Service

Besides an extensive product range, we offer you the following additional services:

Individual merchant website
We provide advertising material merchants with their own white label website containing their company logo which you can link onto your website. The products are updated regularly, thus ensuring that you as a merchant do not have to put in additional effort to manage the website. You can sign up here.

Customized product range
In our merchant portal you have the option of receiving customized product ranges with your company logo which you can then send to your customers. You can sign up here.

Customized flip catalogue
On request, we will create a flip catalogue with your individual company logo, so that you as a merchant have a uniform appearance towards your customers.

Neutral product videos
For dissemination to your customers, we provide merchants with a selection of pre-produced, neutral product videos (without the JUNG logo) that can be used for product presentation.

Product databases for online shops
We provide databases with all relevant information about our products which you can use as a basis for your online shop.

Support with in-house exhibitions
Are you planning an in-house exhibition? Contact us. We will be pleased to support you.

Product training
Our field service staff offer you product training, which gives you as a merchant all important information and news.