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Rettergut Santa Claus

Santa will save the day! The Rettergut Santa Claus in a promotional packaging made of white, FSC-certified cardboard and with a chic viewing window will save your Christmas advertising. The delicious Rettergut chocolate Santa Claus is made of 100% rescued mixed chocolate, which would otherwise have been lost in the chocolate production process. This way you can do good with your Christmas greetings and help stop foodwaste at the same time! Help us make Christmas a little more sustainable.

4-c Euroscale
Product description:
Rettergut chocolate Santa made from 100% rescued chocolate in compostable foil with FSC-certified cardboard box, climate-neutral, individually printed
Mixed Chocolate Santa from Rettergut, 50 g
Minimum order:
From 128 pieces
Shelf life:
Until at least 01.04.2022
Approx. 55 x 145 x 42 mm
Request for advertising space dimensions as imposition layout
Delivery packing:
Cartons containing 32 pieces
Ex works
Delivery time:
Generally and depending on the workload and material availability, the delivery time is 10-20 working days after print approval.
Distribution or single dispatch and large quantities on request.
The delivery dates stated in the order confirmation apply.