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Can made of white HD-PE with an original fastener in a full body sleeve that can be printed all round. Filled with mini sweets in the flavours Premium-Mint, Solvens (eucalyptus / menthol), fruit mixture, sugar-free peppermint, mulled wine, or Mentos® Gu


Digital printing 4-c process on sleeve

Product description

Can made of white HD-PE with an original fastener in a transparent full body sleeve that can be printed all


Approx. 25 g mini sweets, approx. 23 g Mentos Gum (peppermint )sugar-free or approx. 22 g sugar-free Starmint-peppermint pastilles (with Stevia)

Minimum order

From 1.056 pieces

Shelf life

Mini-sweets: 24 months
Mentos Gum: 24 months
Starmint peppermint pastilles: 18 months


Height: approx. 55 mm, Ø 35 mm
Please ask for dimensions of the advertising space as an imposition layout.

Delivery packing

Cartons containing 132 pieces


Ex works

Delivery time

Approx. 10 working days after approval of the printing copies.


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