Promotional mints giveaways printed individually are cool whatever the occasion. Whether as sweets, pastilles or chewing gum - this refreshing promotional mints will work! A genuine classic amongst of the promotional mints is the popular personalised mint bar. Stir up some wonderful memories with the timeless design and the 12 tasty peppermint pieces of promotional mints. The sleeve can be printed all round and offers plenty of space for your individual and lasting promotional message. Or what about the Cool-Card Digital with promotional mints in practical card format? In addition to the slim-line design, which is perfect for every handbag and every trouser pocket, the large printable advertising space also makes it the ideal advertising medium. Filled with refreshing, sugar-free branded mints, the Cool-Card Digital comes in lots of different standard colours - even in special colours on request! You love traditional personalised mint tins? Then our Top Can and Top Can Midi are just the thing! The sleeve can be printed all round, thus providing a large area for your promotional message which you can have printed individually with your logo. With a range of contents such as promotional mints, Mentos peppermint chewing gum or mini premium mint sweets, freshness on the road is guaranteed! And for anyone interested in small with a big impact, we also have the perfect giveaways: our Mint-Stick is not just an eye-catcher because of its unusual shape, but also because of its diverse uses. Printable in up to four colours or wrapped in a full-body sleeve, you can design the Mint-Stick completely to suit your requirements. Another promotional mints giveaway that perfectly fits into every pocket or handbag is our Mentos Sixpack. While the eye-catching promotional sleeve contains six Mentos chewing gum pieces, you can have the entire outside printed individually with your logo.

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Promotional sweets

promotional sweets

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