Appeal to people of all ages with the promotional jelly gum with logo and your customized printed packaging. Discover a wide range of jelly gum bags in terms of shape and size and be captivated by the personalised jelly sweets printed with your logo! You are looking for a special advertising opportunity? What about our popular single fruit gum in customized printed packaging featuring your logo that is bound to impress your customers? We have a wide range of standard motifs available for your individual advertising. Even special shapes are possible - this means you can focus your advertising in exactly the right "flavour"! Or what about the show-stopper in our collection: the Eyecatcher. The eye made of jelly gum and marshmallow really does catch your eye as this is exactly what it resembles: the promotional sleeve is individually printed with your logo. This is how to make a lasting impression with your giveaway and ensure your promotional message is remembered. If you prefer classic giveaways, you will love the jelly bears with logo in the basic bag! Filled with tasty jelly bears, they provide a genuine taste sensation. Printed individually with your logo, you will score points with people of all ages with the colourful jelly bear selection. Or go for even more individuality with the jelly gum tetrahedron which grabs people's attention with its three individually printed advertising spaces and the unusual packaging - the perfect way to be a cut above the competition! From the compact fruit-gum mini-bag as an enclosure to the individual maxi version if you want to say thank you in a big way when visiting a customer: personalised jelly gum with a logo will always make sure you collect plenty of bonus points with your customers!

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Promotional sweets

promotional sweets

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Sweet promotion products, made in Germany, catalogue order

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Powerful brands for your advertising gifts! Sweet giveaways with individual logo supported by top brand quality!
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