Express jelly bears
Jelly gum maxi-bag, Standard shapes
Jelly gum mini-bag 10 g, Standard shapes
Jelly gum mini-bag 15 g, Standard shapes
Jelly gum mini-bag 7 g
Jelly gum mini-bag, Special shapes
Jelly gum tetrahedron, Special shapes
Jelly gum tetrahedron, Standard shapes
Mini-bag Exquisite fruit juice quality 15g
Mini-bag, exquisite fruit juice quality 10g
Multipack long
Multipack short
Single jelly gum Football
Single jelly gum, Standard shapes
Team jelly bears
Tetrahedron, exquisite fruit juice quality
Vitamin jelly gum
Vitamin jelly gums mini-bag
Vitamin jelly gums Tetrahedron



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Creative freebies simply have to be part of a company's marketing mix. It doesn't matter whether you have a stand at an exhibition at which you are handing out promotional items with company logo or you are giving customers promotional gifts with logo and your own personal message at your open day. And quite naturally, cheap giveaways are the most popular choice. In addition, promotional drinks are gaining in popularity all the time. Particularly teas with an individual message on the bag. These can not only be used as creative freebies or promotional gifts, but are also ideal as mailing incentives. A message with logo that will genuinely brew up some tasty business. For example in a seminar: an individual tea bag in the company's CD is both appealing and professional.

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