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Trendy vegan giveaways: There is an increased demand for custom printed promotional sweets for conscious consumers. We offer vegan candies, fruit gum, chocolates, snacks, and much more with individual designs or decorated with your logo, starting from short print-runs.


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Hot summer giveaways: Whether it is for an open-air concert, a fair, or a beach party, our custom printed sweets are a tasty promotion for any event. The mints, chewing gum, or candy in short print-runs with individual design or embellished with your logo are promotional highlights.






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Promotional sweets

promotional sweets

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Sweet promotion products, made in Germany, catalogue order

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Our brands

Bahlsen cakes Snacks
Brandt Advertising
Miniatures Mix, Advertising by JUNG
Heidel chocolate
American Style Advertising
Leibniz cakes
Manner, Vienna, Wien, cakes
Ritter Sport chocolate
toblerone chocolate
promotion with mentos
promotion with pittjes
Chupa Chups Promotion
Trolli promotion JUNG fruit jelly
Ültje Snacks
Sadex Promotion
corny promotion
lindt promo
Haeberlein-Metzger Promotion
Emil Reimann Advertising by JUNG
Sarotti Advertising by JUNG
funny frisch Advertising by JUNG
Pfeffi Advertising by JUNG

Powerful brands for your advertising gifts! Sweet giveaways with individual logo supported by top brand quality!
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